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The Signage Factory Ltd. was established in 2003 as a Thai company. The idea behind this was to create affordable Metal products for export, in a modern equipped factory with skilled and motivated Thai working crew, operating with Dutch manufactures mentality regarding on-time delivery and quality Recognized as one of the of the world’s top Signage manufactures, The Signage Factory aspires to continue to be on the leading edge of this technology. Our commitment is to deliver the best quality and value to the Signage Industry for all our valued customers UpTBB designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes products all over the world. .

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Latest News for 2021

The Signage Factory LTD has completed it’s update on BLOC Letters and we are happy to offer you the opportunity to have closer look at this technology. These are the 1.2 inch or 30 mm thick acrylic letters with embedded LEDs. What set these letters apart from what you know these letters to be is that our new BLOC letters are serviceable. Besides, while mostly recomended to be only used indoors, we have now expended the application of these letters to be used outdoor and in any weather conditions. New LED module techology combined with smart design features and precision CNC equipment has made it possible to open and close these BLOC letters with a screw driver. The life expectancy of these letters is as long as what you know our Premium letters to be. The LEDs are expected to burn 50,000 hours. Hence a very sustainable letters and as you are used to they come with a very interesting price.

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